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Preface to Xanathar’s companion to Everything- This book is a great resource for Dungeon Masters and players of the Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition game.

It contains a variety of new rules and options, including character backgrounds, spells, monsters, and more. It’s designed to expand the living game mechanics and give new ways to explore the game.

Whether you’re a stager DM or a new player, this companion can help you unleash the full eventuality of your game. Enjoy!


Hi there! You are looking for Xanathar’s companion to Everything! It’s an inconceivable source of information for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition players, with a huge variety of options for character creation, outfits, spells, and much further. I largely recommend it to anyone looking to make their D&D game indeed more pleasurable.

Publication history

Xanathar’s companion to Everything was published by Wizards of the Coast in November 2017. It was released in both hardcover and digital formats. The book was written by the D&D design platoon and edited by Jeremy Crawford.

It’s a supplement for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition and contains new rules, tools, and ideas for playing the game. It also includes voluntary rules for effects like character backgrounds, variant rules for using arms, and new sorts for each of the 12 core classes. also, it includes new monsters, treasures, magic particulars, and other game rudiments.

Xanthar’s Guide to Everything Alt-Cover

Hi there! Xanthar’s companion to Everything offers a great indispensable cover for D&D suckers! It features a beautiful piece of artwork from artist Vance Kovacs that captures the fantasy sense of the game impeccably.

The cover is unique and eye-catching, and it’s sure to please any addict of the game. However, this is surely the way to go!
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The conclusion of Xanathar’s companion to Everything is that it’s a great resource for Dungeons & Dragons players. It contains a wealth of information that’s essential for playing the game.

It’s an inestimable resource that can help players produce characters, produce juggernauts, and make their games more pleasurable. also, it provides a great number of options for character customization, which can help players produce unique characters that stand out from the crowd.

Eventually, Xanathar’s companion to Everything is a great tool for D&D players of all situations, and it can help make the game more pleasurable for everyone.

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Xanathar’s Guide to Everything Pdf

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