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What happens when a seemingly successful and flourishing community suddenly starts to break apart?

The novel “Things Fall Apart” paints an intimate portrait of life in colonial Nigeria as it follows the life of a farmer named Okonkwo. Written by Chinua Achebe, this classic work of post-colonial literature depicts the transition of the Igbo people from their traditional ways to modernity through colonization.

In this powerful story, Chinua Achebe chronicles the trials and tribulations of a compelling protagonist, as well as how society responds to rapid and drastic change. Through his vivid characters, raw emotion, and poetic prose, Achebe brings issues like cultural divides and internal struggles to light while also exploring themes like fate and tragedy in our daily lives. By examining these complexities within his detailed narrative, Things Fall Apart offers an insightful look at history while also providing valuable lessons into how we cope with our present-day world.


WriterChinua Achebe
Number of pages202
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CategoryFiction & Literature



Things Fall Apart Pdf


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