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Are you familiar with the works of George Orwell? One of his most famous novels is Animal Farm, a dystopian fiction that portrays the revolt of animals against humans.

Since its release in 1945, Animal Farm has become an iconic story in the world of literature and many readers consider it one of the greatest works written by George Orwell. The animal characters bring this work to life, adding humor and symbolism to showcase the awareness of social injustice and totalitarianism experienced around the world.

Animal Farm is an enduring allegory about power and corruption, providing a timeless message for readers all over the globe. Although written some seven decades ago, it still speaks to present-day issues. In this article, we will take a closer look at George Orwell’s novel “Animal Farm” and how its themes remain as relevant today as ever.

Summary of the plot of the novel

The main plot of the novel revolves around two main characters, Sarah and David. They are two strangers who meet in a cafe and develop an unexpected connection.

Throughout their journey, they work together to overcome obstacles that come between them and eventually fall in love. Along the way, Sarah and David learn about themselves, grow as individuals, and find meaning in life through their shared experiences.

As each page is turned over, readers become engrossed further in the lives of these two complex characters as they encounter hardships that shape who they ultimately become by the time the novel concludes.

Analysis of how the characters in the novel represent real-world figures/events

In the novel, each character is crafted to represent various real-world figures and events. For example, the protagonist can be seen as someone facing a difficult situation, while another character may represent a powerful individual in society.

By examining how these characters interact with one another and how they navigate their surroundings, readers can gain insight into how people behave and respond to similar real-world environments.

Discussion on how Animal Farm is a critique of Soviet Communism and the Russian Revolution

George Orwell’s novel, Animal Farm, highlights the dangers of Soviet Communism and the Russian Revolution through an allegorical story of farm animals that revolt against humans.

In Animal Farm, Orwell explores the idea that power quickly corrupts those who seek it and warns us against a utopian solution to our problems because of its potential to become oppressive or totalitarian. Learn more

By using animals as characters in his novel, Orwell is able to discuss how blind obedience can often lead people into sacrificing their own autonomy and morality for a higher cause; ultimately painting a very bleak picture of what happens when people place too much trust in one leader or an idea.

How Animal Farm is applicable to current-day ethical and political issues

George Orwell’s 1945 fable of how a society is overturned by the corrupting influence of power, Animal Farm, remains as relevant today as it was 75 years ago.

The timeless themes explored in Animal Farm are applicable to modern ethical and political issues such as dictatorship, inequality, undemocratic regimes, and totalitarianism. This novel is a powerful indictment of the misuse of power that encourages readers to question the existing structures in their own societies and to identify the propagandistic techniques those in power often use.

Animal Farm teaches us timeless lessons about morality and the power of language while providing us with an allegory for understanding current political issues all over the world.


The conclusion of George Orwell’s Animal Farm is that power and corruption can be found even in the most well-intentioned of societies.

The pigs took control of the farm and used their power to benefit themselves, while the other animals worked hard and gained nothing in return. The novel ends with the animals realizing that the pigs are no different from the human oppressors they had been rebelling against.

The novel is a warning to all societies to be aware of the potential for power to be abused and serves only the interests of the powerful.

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George Orwell – La Granja De Animals Filetype Pdf

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