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Assalamu alaikum friends how are you all hope you all are well today I am among you in a national post I will show you how to learn freelancing what you should learn where to learn and what not to use to learn to freelance. Use mobile, use a computer, and which one will benefit the most, and how much money can be earned per month freelancing? I would call you to read the entire process carefully.


Free Freelancing Course 2022. On mobile, you will find various websites through which you can do small freelancing jobs on your mobile but major freelancing jobs can’t be done on your mobile as the work can be done on the computer using exchange extension and post. , in this case, cannot be done. Of course, if you work with a computer, you will be able to do the work very easily, if you can’t do the work by installing apps on your mobile, you won’t get it even if you install the computer.


Less mobile advantage, but the computer has different advantages which you don’t get with your mobile I think working with a computer is very different from freelancing if you want to do freelancing work you can do category work, you need to have study skills to do it Have to talk directly with buyers from different countries. Free Freelancing Source We have to work with songs from different countries. You must speak English. Your work must be done in English. You should have good reading skills.


So you can easily do freelancing work mostly in USA UK Italy Russia Ukraine you need to do most of the work then you must have symbolic English skills then you can do your freelancing work. Good command of English. From freelancing, you can earn from 10000 to lakhs but it depends on your work. What do you want to do? Depending on the job you want to start your career in, if you start your freelancing with good freelance skills or your graphic design web design and development there are various jobs that you can earn good money when you start working Learn well once you understand Start your freelancing business so that you can do the work you are doing freelancing well.


If a buyer does the job easily and nicely then he will give you more work, and you will learn the job so that you will not have any problem with this job later on. Where to find freelancing courses? Where do you learn freelancing jobs, you can learn freelancing jobs very easily, but you can find many freelancing courses available on your different websites and different YouTube channels and I will give you a page in this post.


From here you can do freelancing work with different categories of freelancing in this video do you think you can do the work easily the work you will use you will learn the work with time freelancing work is your focus you have to work hard you have to work according to rules You have to do, you have to work with time, you have to work for four months, five months, six months, a year, then you will develop your skills in it. Starting freelancing in the category is definitely possible, if you want your brother to do it then you have to spend 20 to 30 thousand rupees below I have given you to watch the April course then you start your work.


For those who have money, if you can’t do the course, I will give you the course for free. I will give the free course in the middle of this post, but you will find different courses that you think will be easy for you, you can do it very easily and will be able to do it. Find a job that you think you can do with your time, develop your skills and then start your freelancing career. Where you do any website you will find different websites through which you can do freelancing work. For example, you will find various websites like Freelancer, Fiber, and Upwork through which you can do freelancing jobs, but there are numerous mobile websites that allow you to do freelancing jobs on your mobile phone.


Course Link


There are many websites that allow you to do freelancing work with your mobile phone. By submitting a document, you will find many jobs that you can do with your mobile phone. Freelancing is a small part of your job. If you do it somewhere, you can do the small tasks that you can do with your mobile, you can’t easily do the small parts of freelancing that you can do with your mobile. Do freelancing work, how do you do any apps how to get freelancing work, how to submit work, how to get paid from here?


You have to work for the next generation of data entry jobs You must have skills in these two apps. You must have skills in these two apps. You must have data entry and lead generation tasks. You need to start your first freelancing journey with these tasks. These two tasks can be very easy to do. In three months’ time Then you can do these jobs in advance and you will get a job in freelancing. If you can learn these two jobs, you can earn millions of rupees a month by doing these two jobs.


And specific The song will be targeted and given to you as someone may tell you, such as Italy, Russia, Europe, some restaurants in the country or the names of different companies will be mentioned You also have to list yourself in Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel sheet as you can say 200 lists you have to do the work to make these lists 200 to 300 50 to 100 dollars you will be affected to do the work of the generation you have different extensions and different tools. Getting You will be able to do things very easily.


Escape How to do it As you can tell you have to collect one hundred and one gyms. You have to collect US connection Gmail In case you need to exit the restaurant, you use an extension. When that extension gives you a Gmail, then the app that can tell you a hundred Gmail noses with Microsoft Excel, the company’s mail address, phone number or their social media link If you can do it easily, then you can earn thousands of dollars per month.


Now come on, how can you get the job? You can’t do the work. I told you first, such as freelancer up work fiber You need to have an account According to your NID card you have to do it now. To do it now you will have to verify the account from here. After verification, you will get different categories of jobs here. Will get Click on Job Proposal. Click and you will find many freelancers like you who will have proposals like yours who think that his professional or professional freelancer who will give you a notice if you get the job will fire you live Chat will tell you what you need to do, how to do it, what country you want to work with, so you can easily understand how to do things.


Now let’s see how to receive your payments. Cryptocurrency With these payment systems you have to receive payment or get your bank account by adding a bank account and receiving the payments through the account. Besides, your Bangladeshi will not get any other payment where you have to receive the payment, You must have a bank account, you must have a bank account or you must have a master card credit card. You can receive love through 18 or you can talk about cryptocurrency if you are good at it If you receive Bitcoin Ether Lite payments then you will be able to bring the payments through your development cash in this Bitcoin Lite Coin.


I hope you do not understand how you will do the work here In which category will you have to do the work? Where will you learn the work? How to work? Do not work with mobile. The whole system horse has posted you. Of course, we will give you the jelly. You can download it from Google Drive and spend your time here anytime and with time you can do whatever you think you can do.


Then your work will be your skill development towards this work then your up work fiber These You need to create an account on the website. After verifying the account, you will start working. This post is for you. If you tell us in advance what post I will bring, it will be beneficial for us and if we will bring more posts like this, we will invite you to post in the comments.

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